We’re excited to share some great news with our homeowners – the introduction of our New Homeowner Protection Plan (HPP)!

This plan is like a superhero for your vacation rental property, offering extra protection beyond what typical homeowners’ insurance covers. With HPP, owners can now relax, knowing they’re shielded from all sorts of risks linked to vacation rentals. Whether it’s a small accident like a broken lamp (coverage up to $25,000) or a more serious event like a kitchen fire (up to $1 million in real property damages), HPP has it covered.

Plus, it doesn’t stop there! The program also provides protection against bodily injury lawsuits from guests ($1 million coverage) and even includes bed bug remediation ($15,000, including lost rental income).

Here’s a quick overview of the coverage:

$25,000 for Contents Damage Protection
$1,000,000 for Real Property Protection
$1,000,000 for Owner Liability Protection
$15,000 for Bed Bug Coverage, including lost rental income.

Click here for more information: HPP Flyer

And guess what?

Filing a claim is easy too – just let your us know, and we’ll take care of the rest. With our Homeowner Protection Program, enjoy peace of mind, hassle-free guest interactions, and an extra layer of security for your vacation rental property.