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Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many things to consider as you prepare for your San Diego vacation. Use our comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions below to find the answers you are looking for! If your questions isn’t answered below please contact our office at any time. A reservationist is standing by to assist you!

Answers to your frequently asked questions

  • What are San Diego Mission Beach Vacation Rentals?

    Vacation rentals are private homes, townhomes and condominiums that are made available for rent by the owner. Some are dedicated to this purpose year round and others are made available seasonally.

  • Why should I choose a San Diego Mission Beach Vacation Rental for my stay?

    Our selection of unique properties allows you to enjoy the San Diego beach lifestyle in a way that very few hotels will. You will be getting an environment where a family or group can have guests, cook and share a home in a vibrant beach community.

  • Are San Diego Mission Beach Vacation Rentals the same as a time-share?

    No, our vacation rentals are not timeshares and we are not selling timeshares.

  • What are the advantages of renting from Penny Realty instead of directly from an owner?

    Penny Realty has been in the vacation rental business since 1965 and we have vacation rental agents who can help you choose the rental that best suits your needs. If something unexpected comes up during your stay, you can call our nearby office and our staff will do their best to make sure it is handled.

  • Do I need to bring any linens or towels?

    Our vacation rentals come with linens. There are sheets for every bed and sofa bed, bath, hand and face towels and kitchen linens. You may want to bring beach towels as they may not be provided on every property.

  • Will I have internet access? What about wi-fi?

    Most but not all of our properties have wi-fi or internet access; if access passwords are needed they are provided either with the check-in materials or at the property (usually on a note on the router or the refrigerator). If wi-fi or internet access is a must, please be sure to mention that to your vacation rental agent.

  • When do I have to pay?

    For all rentals 25% of the total is due with the signed contract and the remaining 75% is due 45 days prior to your arrival. If you are coming for a long stay, we may be able to make other arrangements.

  • Will you hold a unit off the market while I decide?

    Since we are usually renting individual homes, we cannot hold them off the market. Only a reservation takes the vacation home off of the market.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If for some reason you need to cancel your vacation rental more than 60 days before your arrival date, there is a $100 fee to process the cancellation in addition to the non-refundable $60 reservation fee.

  • Will you consider a small dog or declawed cat?

    Unless a vacation rental is pet friendly, no pets will be allowed on the premises. We are happy to help you find a kennel if you desire.

  • Why do you have an occupancy limit?

    Generally, the occupancy limit tries to reflect the maximum number of people who can comfortably stay in the property given the beds available and the bathroom situation and it needs to be followed. This keeps our vacationers happy and also helps keep properties in good condition.

  • Do I have to pay the tourism fee or hotel tax?

    Yes. The City of San Diego collects hotel tax, which they call Transient Occupancy Tax or TOT, on all rentals less than 30 days within the city limits. If you rent for more than 30 days, your stay is not subject to the tax.

  • What time is check-in? What time is check out?

    Check in starts at 3 PM. We need this time, especially during the peak season, to prepare the vacation home for your stay. Check out is at 10 AM and during the peak season the cleaners will likely be there and ready to start at that time. This is necessary to prepare the vacation rental for the next vacationer.

  • Can I have early check-in? Or late departure?

    During the peak season, we usually have back to back bookings so early check-ins or late departures are almost impossible. During the off-season, please ask your vacation rental agent ahead of time and we may be able to accommodate you.

  • Can I make a reservation for less than the 3-night minimum stay?

    Most of our owners are firm on the 3 night off season minimum, but it doesn’t hurt to ask a vacation rental agent.

  • Are your vacation rentals accessible to the disabled?

    Since each property is unique, it depends on the situation and the special needs. Please contact a vacation rental agent and we will be glad to help.

  • Is there air conditioning?

    Most homes at the beach do not have air conditioning. If you want air conditioning, please ask your vacation rental agent during the booking process.

  • Will I have a washer and dryer in our vacation rental?

    Most of our properties either have a washer and dryer in the home or available on-site.

  • Will I be charged for cleaning?

    Normal cleaning is included in the price; we use a professional cleaning service to keep the property at its best and so that they can respond if something was missed. In the event excessive cleaning is necessary there may be an additional charge.

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