Guest Reviews

"Our vacation and accommodations were beyond our expectations! Only complaint is that the floors tended to be slippery. Glad we brought our flip flops. We loved the location and the view. It had everything we needed. We definitely plan on making this a yearly tradition! You will get to know our family very well!"–Joyce Engle

"Hi Penny Realty! Just a note to say we had the best time at the beach house on Ocean Front! We felt like we were at home! Everything was perfect! We have given thanks to our God for such a gift. Thank you so, so much! "
–The Ruskary Family

"Our condo on Ocean Front Walk was terrific! We loved everything about it! The Penny Realty Vacation Rental Agents are great---they took the time to find out what our family really needed and then found the best place for us. We had a ball and plan on coming back to them to get us all hooked up next Christmas. Thank you."
–Pam Theor

"The home on Bayside Walk is wonderful. It had a great use of space and storage, super kitchen with good supply of dishes, and plenty of pots and pans for cooking needs. We really enjoyed it all with an absolutely incredible location!! The Penny Realty Staff was very helpful in matching our needs and the property’s specifics. Kudos to Deanne!"
–Jane and Todd Singer

"The property, Decked Out I, was beautiful. We were very impressed with the layout and space. We loved the outdoor shower to be able to rinse off the sand before going back indoors. Genius idea! The Penny Realty Vacation Rental Agents were super helpful and sweet."
–Diane Moss

"The Penny people are great to work with, especially Melissa! The property, California Dream’n, is wonderful! Close to everything and super clean. We enjoyed our stay very much!! We are looking forward to our next visit to San Diego and Penny Realty assisting us with our family needs once again. Thanks for everything!"
–Jack Kleiner

"Very clean house! Great location on the bay front! Nice to have plenty of towels, wash cloths, and other supplies. Deanne was very nice and helpful on the phone when we rented. What a fabulous amenity that Penny Realty provides sand toys, bikes, boogie boards, etc., for children. It kept our kids busy for hours! I definitely rent this property again."
–Marlene Cushner

"The home at Bayside Walk is wonderful----great use of space and storage. Great kitchen and good supply of dishes, pots, and pans for cooking needs. Nicely decorated too! We really enjoyed it all with such a terrific location to boot! The Penny Realty Staff was very helpful in matching our needs to a perfect property. Kudos to Melissa!"
–Jane and Ted Shiver

"Our condo on Ocean Front Walk was amazing! We loved everything about it! The Penny Realty Agents are great---they took the time to find out what our family really needed, and then found just the best place! We had a ball and plan on coming back for next Labor Day Break."
–Thank you, Paula Berns

"Wonderful Property…Great Time…Beautiful Location, All the Amenities of Home! We had a magical trip! There were a few maintenance issues, but Penny Realty Maintenance came in and repaired everything in a very short time period to our satisfaction, which we are grateful for. Personnel at Penny Realty was on top of anything we needed, and they were available throughout our stay. We would recommend our Ocean Front Walk Property and the Penny Realty Company to our friends for a 5-Star Vacation in San Diego. Great chance that we will call Penny Realty up to do this again!!"
–Ken Sabeon

"Absolutely NO COMPLAINTS. Great location, modern, clean, and just the right amount of beds in all 3 condos. We have a large extended family and rented 3 adjacent condos on Ocean Front Walk. The entire Staff at Penny Realty was friendly and efficient. We have worked with Penny Realty for years and years---the girls, Deanne and Melissa, are wonderful! An 11am checkout would have been better than 10am for packing, clean-up, and runs to the airport, so we asked Penny Realty if they could grant this favor to us, and they did grant it to us…way to go, Penny!! Thanks, we definitely will come back and will recommend Penny Realty."
–Jeff Jerman

"We rented a condo through Penny Realty at the “Sea By The Sea Complex” on Ocean Blvd. Our rental was well-equipped and, of course, had a view to die for! It was definitely big enough, so that we did not feel crowded. Kitchen was user-friendly and had plenty of what ever utensils we needed and made cooking lots of fun!"
–Patty Decker

"Penny Realty People are super accommodating. We appreciate their help with the T.V., remote controls, etc. We stayed for one month in September, which was a great time of year in San Diego, summer crowds are gone, but weather remains fabulous! A winning rental experience!"
–Brian and Kathy Bernard

"Fantastic!! Fabulous location on Bayside Walk. Quiet and Private. We loved having three separate floors. The rental was spacious, clean, great layout and large patio! Only negative comment is the dishwasher needed repair, but Penny Realty sent someone out the same day. The people at Penny are also terrific! Thank you, Penny Realty, for a absolutely “fine” vacation!! We like this property so much, we would be willing Buyers if given the opportunity!"
–Guy and Jennifer Fontaine

"The property at Bayside Walk served our needs so well. This was our first time renting from Penny Realty, Inc., and we were very impressed. The property was great and just as described on the Internet. It was sparkling clean when we checked-in. We were very comfortable working with the Vacation Rental Agent named Deanne. She was very helpful and congenial. We definitely will be back!"
–Sam Brettman, Jr.

"We stayed at Decked Out I and it was simply wonderful. Beautiful location and all the amenities of home! We had a magical trip! There were a couple of maintenance issues, but Maintenance came over in a jiffy and repaired the barbeque and shower handle to our satisfaction. The Penny Personnel were available throughout our stay. We will definitely recommend Penny Realty to our friends who are planning to vacation in San Diego. We were grateful for Penny Realty’s hospitality and will stay again when visiting!"
–Anne Emmett

"Oh my gosh….absolutely no complaints! Great location, so clean, and just the right amount of beds in all 3 condos to accommodate our family. The entire Penny Realty Staff was very friendly. Have worked with Penny Realty for many years! They are so easy to work with and always get it right for us!! Thank you, Penny!!!"
–Jeff McKormick

"We loved the Sunset Glory property!! Well equipped, great view; big enough, so we did not feel crowded; enjoyed cooking in the kitchen too! The Penny Realty People were so accommodating. I appreciated their help on the TV/DVD setup. They came to the rescue very quickly when we did not know how to operate the DVD Player. Overall stay was GREAT!!"
–Kyle and Anita Whitmire

"Vacation Station I was fantastic! Fabulous location; quiet and private positioning of property; ;loved having all 3 floors, spacious, clean, great floor plan layout; and the patio made everything perfect!! Only issue we had was with the garbage disposal and Penny’s Maintenance got right on it and made it work great again. The people at Penny Realty were extra nice and willing to do anything and everything that we needed. Thank you, would the Owner like to sell it??? Please call us, if interested! "
–Kris and Gerry Rich

"This property on Bayside Walk was perfect for all our needs. The property met our expectations very well. The property was very clean and had plenty of towels. We were comfortable with the place and with the Vacation Rental Agents. They were very, very helpful. Good work, Penny Realty!"
–Josh Lightinghouse
Cave Creek, US
Reviewed: Jul 5, 2017
Property Manager
View Property: Wave Break
Prescott, US
Reviewed: Jul 4, 2017
Property Manager
You made check in and check out so quick and easy! The staff in your office are so pleasant. When we arrived at the Hideaway, there was no coffee maker. One phone call to your office and we had a brand new one delivered within the hour.
We really enjoyed staying at the Hideaway! The location was perfect for us in regards to the beach and Belmont Park. There were plenty of beach chairs for us to use so we didn't even need to unpack ours. The grill on the deck was brand new and came in handy for our dinners in the evenings. The large garage for our cars was so nice. In the past, other units we have stayed in have had such tiny garages. The inside on the unit was very clean and well set up for our use.
View Property: Hideaway
Flagstaff, US
Reviewed: Jun 29, 2017
Property Manager
Everyone was great to work with, very helpful!
It was amazing!
View Property: Sand Dollar Shore
Phoenix, US
Reviewed: Jun 22, 2017
View Property: Sweet Spot
Reviewed: Jun 1, 2017
Property Manager
Everybody we worked with was friendly and helpful
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. I think we were a little confused on the sleeping arrangements, but overall we loved the unit.
View Property: Aloha
Phoenix, US
Reviewed: May 29, 2017
Property Manager
no problems.
Nice place, no problems
View Property: Tranquility Tides
Reviewed: Apr 29, 2017
Property Manager
Very friendly staff!
Beautiful house, excellent location, great amenities!!!
View Property: Brighton Tides
phoenix, US
Reviewed: Apr 26, 2017
Property Manager
All the members of the team at Penny Realty were great to work with. Courteous, helpful and professional all the way!
The location was great and we enjoyed our stay very much. The only thing was that the information provided on your website said there was a King Bed and a Queen Bed. There are actually two Queen Beds at the property.
View Property: Cool Breeze
Las Vegas, US
Reviewed: Apr 5, 2017
Property Manager
Penny Realty has been wonderful both times i have booked through them!
View Property: Sands
Columbus, US
Reviewed: Apr 4, 2017
Property Manager
Always pleasant and helpful.
Lovely, well stocked, well maintained rental.
View Property: Just Chillin
Sun City, US
Reviewed: Mar 28, 2017
Property Manager
Everyone was very friendly and helpful from beginning to end. Couldn't ask for a nicer team.
View Property: Decked Out II
Reviewed: Mar 24, 2017
Property Manager
Rock Island, US
Reviewed: Mar 11, 2017
Property Manager
Very easy to work with.
We love the location and the owners upstairs were great.We have already booked for next year.
View Property: Sea Strong
Gig Harbor, US
Reviewed: Mar 1, 2017
Property Manager
They were very professional and easy to get a hold of.
We look forward to staying at sweet spot again. The house and location was perfect!
View Property: Sweet Spot
Salt Lake City, US
Reviewed: Jan 2, 2017
Property Manager
View Property: Decked Out II
Laramie, US
Reviewed: Dec 26, 2016
Property Manager
I enjoyed working with Jeff and Tina. I got quick answers to my questions even if I had to ask twice because too much time had passed between renting and arriving. My experience at the office was pleasant and efficient and I appreciated the arrangement for my daughter and her boyfriend to stay a few hours extra because their flights were much later in the day and the possibility that my son might arrive before I did and would be able to pick up the keys for me. I also appreciated having hard copies of the paperwork sent instead of relying upon email; I have no printer. There was a post-rental issue that Jeff helped me with also!
I rate the property as above average because of its location and layout and how well it was stocked with kitchen and bathroom items as well as sufficient towels etc. Also, we enjoyed our stay right on the beach; we didn't even have to leave the house or the patio to enjoy the ocean. Great restaurants for great eating all day were w/in walking distance. (Yes, please quote this paragraph if you like.) But someday a reviewer is going to comment about some aspects of shabbiness which might affect future rentals. The umbrella doesn't work; the dining room table has lost some of its veneer; the dining room chairs are rickety; the doors to the patio do not close properly - there is a rod missing - and on a windy night, it was quite chilly even with the fireplace and quite noisy; the gate to the second parking space doesn't have a handle any more and the key doesn't work from the parking space side; the woodwork in the first floor bathroom needs to be touched up. Minor but noticeable and easily remedied. I am a landlord; I personally manage my 8 units. These are things I would want to fix and they wouldn't cost much. Also, when I hire cleaning people, when they are done it would be unacceptable to find accumulated dirt light switches, on baseboards and in corners or finger prints on door jambs and such as you find in the first floor bathroom - which is the one I used. I know too that salty air is the enemy of certain metals, but the condition of the bathroom sink faucet makes it look more dirty than corroded; it is an expense to replace these fixtures but it would present the property in a better light. I did not go into the other bathrooms to see if that is the case w/ them too. Also, the doors leading to the patio need to be cleaned on the outside from time-to-time to make sure that the view is optimum. Shouldn't that be on the check list for the cleaners too? And there was a piece of outdoor carpet bunched up on the patio that we had to get out of the way; no idea where it belonged. None of this spoiled the vacation but since I had such positive experiences with your office, I wanted to point out these things and encourage you to visit the property and take a critical look and encourage the property owner to fix what can be fixed and the cleaning crew to watch for the little things because it could avoid a bad review. Truly, I am not being snarky; I hope to be helpful. Incidentally, a poinsettia for the table or a string of lights on the patio would have been a nice welcoming touch and acknowledgment of the holidays ... just a thought and a comment made by one of the crew after we saw all the lights elsewhere along the beach and on the bay - some in rentals too.
View Property: Decked Out II
Berkeley, US
Reviewed: Dec 7, 2016
What an amazing place. I literally just had one of the best vacations ever at Brighton Tides. Lovely house, ON the beach, at the right price. Can't wait to go back.
View Property: Brighton Tides
Reviewed: Nov 26, 2016
Property Manager
Right from booking the Airbnb, everyone involved in the booking process promptly got in touch with me to ensure all formalities and documentation were in order. Additionally, upon arriving at the Penny Realty office to get the keys, the front desk worker was very friendly and even gave us a few tips on good venues (bars, restaurants, etc.) to check out during our stay.
Lastly, the house was great and all the amenities we needed were provided. This was a great place to stay, and the hosting company made the stay even better.
View Property: Ocean Beach Retreat
Reviewed: Nov 19, 2016
We had an amazing experience at this place, it was right on the beach and the amenities were great! Easy entrance, comfy beds, and beautiful views I would reccomend this place to anyone looking for a beach getaway
View Property: Brighton Tides
Reviewed: Sep 8, 2016
I'd go probably 4.5 out of 5 stars, but I'll got the extra half, rather than just call this place Good. Location: Great location. Right on the boardwalk/strand. Yet set back JUST enough so that people aren't like within arms reach of you as they walk down the boardwalk. Liquor store about 5 minutes away with most supplies you'd need, they cater well to short term renters emergency needs for almost everything. Beach is very clean, cleaned every morning by the city. Surf is actually surfable some parts of some days. Property: New appliances, washer/dryer seem brand new, kitchen everything good, including electric stove top is nice, oven is nice (reset breaker if the controls are frozen), we used 'em all. Comes with good enough coffee maker. Utensils, plates, coffee cups, filters, pepper/salt, we didn't really have to buy much if anything. Grill used quite a bit, but clean and works fine, uses propane line from house, so you can grill as long as you want. Front beach glass doors are super cool and open up to make practically the whole wall open to the apartment main living room. AWESOME. Master bedroom open to the beach, you sleep to crashing waves sound. Bathrooms very clean. Tile floor very durable nice, easy to sweep of sand and keep clean. TV's work, DishTV or some similar service, works in main room, master bedroom and rear bedroom, have not tried the others. Fireplace works fine. The sound bar is rusted out and too bad it would not work. BRING YOUR OWN WIRELESS SPEAKER thing for your chill moments. We forgot to bring ours and regretted it. Everyone has some tunes around here they carry around. You won't need the A/C so I don't even know if it works, we didn't touch the stats. Now for a couple downsides. Pacific Beach and Mission Beach are a bit on the ratchet side. This is not a gated community in Malibu here. We had one drunk European walk off the beach into our living room and try to buy a bathroom pass. We dispatched with him quickly. Then a homeless guy on the boardwalk this morning was having a psychotic episode and was screaming at me and my daughter with evil intent. We finally had to retreat inside and he went on to rant and rave at other people on their lanai, threatening to come inside their place. We called the cops, who finally showed up 15 minutes later. Sort of par for the course here. 99.9% of the people are kind locals and tourists and as nice as can be. Just understand, this is more like Venice Beach here!
View Property: Decked Out II
Reviewed: Sep 5, 2016
Decided to come to San Diego last minute for the holiday weekend. We got so lucky to find this place and it was just perfect. Brand new everything and just renovated this house had everything we could have asked for. It was spotless inside and very comfortable. Beach chairs, a wagon, towels the owners really have thought of everything. The walk to the beach was easy and close and the house is adjacent to great restaurants, super markets and anything you need. This is a great house and we will definitely be back for sure!!! Thank you Jeff from Penny Realty and to the owners we had a great visit.
View Property: Bobby Ds Beach House
Gary and Karen
Reviewed: Aug 13, 2016
My wife and I had never been to San Diego, so we were looking for somewhere to stay that would provide a great central location to visit the numerous sites we wanted to see. Bobby Ds place turned out to be the perfect location. This place is only about a 20 minute drive from the San Diego Airport and downtown San Diego. Extremely close to San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Balboa Park, Petco Park, Little Italy, the Gaslight District, USS Midway Museum, Seaport Village, Old Town, Coronado Bridge and Beach and the Hotel Del Coronado, Point Loma, Belmont Park and Boat and Whale cruises. Also just about 2 hours away from Los Angeles, as we drove to Universal Studios and Dodger stadium one day. Twenty minute drive to Torrey Pines, La Jolla Cove, and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The house has all new furniture, Kitchen, etc. and 3 spacious bedrooms. Nice Living room and dining room area and big TV. Kitchen had everything you need to cook in if that is what you want to do. Big outdoor grill also on site. Washer and Dryer to wash clothes if needed. There is a 7/11, liquor store and numerous restaurants and bars right around the corner. There is early morning coffee and breakfast type stores, a nice Seafood restaurant and a bar/ restaurant that includes a lot of Philadelphia food items. (Cheese Steaks and soft pretzels). It is a short distance to the beach and a major surfing area. Great sunset views here. We would highly recommend Bobby Ds to anyone who is looking for a great place to stay in the San Diego area.
View Property: Bobby Ds Beach House